JK Star Group

At JK Star Group, we deliver Excellency right from rough diamond sourcing till finished jewelry. We at JK star take immense pleasure and pride in manufacturing world class diamonds that are made of the highest quality parameters.

Held Together by the Bond of Trust

JK Star Group is a harmonious blend of excellence, featuring four distinct arms that redefine the realms of diamonds and jewelry.

With JK Star we bring you the brilliance of natural diamonds. Lotus takes you on a journey into the heart of the jewelry industry, crafting timeless pieces. AVP Star is your trusted source for lab-grown diamonds, setting new standards in sustainability. Green Star shines bright with lab-grown diamond jewelry, a symbol of innovation and eco-conscious elegance.

At JK Star Group, our endeavors are united by the unbreakable thread of trust, ensuring each facet of our enterprise reflects quality and integrity

Natural Diamonds

A leading Supplier Of White Natts & White Diamonds. We were formally established in 1993 as a manufacturer, exporter and wholesaler of white Natts diamond in all sizes. We love our services but we love it more to provide the best of us to our customers.

Natural Diamond Jewelry

The journey from a design to finished Jewelry.  Lotus Jewels can manufacture excellent fine diamond jewelry at reasonable prices points, by taking advantage of its synergy with group's inhouse diamond polishing arm.

Lab Grown Diamonds

We are proud to be the Grower and Manufacturer of Lab Grown Diamonds, Created using cutting edge scientific technology & graded by renowned gemological institutes.

Avp Star creates Lab 0.005 to 10 carats and Plus.

LGD Jewelry

A true mark is necessary to help build trust! and therefore , all our diamonds are certified by the International Gemological Institute ( IGI) & Gemological Institute of America (GIA). This certificate is to prove that our intentions are pure and that we mainly aim at making your lives rich and better with our diamonds.

Since 1993

The journey begins At JK Star Diamonds, the diamond cutting and polishing arm established nearly three decades ago.

From 1993 till continue...

Availabel size

Sizes from 0.003 CT to 1 CT ready to get deliver to our customers

Designer Jewelry

The journey from a design to finished Jewelry

Join us in our CSR journey, planting trees for a sustainable future. Together, let's make a positive impact on the Future of Humanity.



Dedicated to our nation's prosperity, we invest time, effort, and resources to uplift the less fortunate in our society


Our foremost goal is to provide optimal care to the elderly, patients, and orphaned children, ensuring their well-being and comfort.


Compassion, a priceless virtue, brings joy and hope. Our compassionate endeavors aim to bring smiles


People might be in a financial crisis and may require a lump sum amount to meet urgent requirements.

"Diamond Can Speak Unspoken Words"