Jewelry by LOTUS

The journey from a design to finished Jewelry

At Lotus, it's our aim to deliver simply beautiful fine jewelry at exceptional prices. With a fully equipped jewelry manufacturing setup in Surat and head office in Mumbai, Lotus Jewels can manufacture excellent fine diamond jewelry at reasonable prices points, by taking advantage of its synergy with group's inhouse diamond polishing arm. This makes it possible to deliver exceptional jewelries at exceptional prices.


With a talented and passionate team of designers, we are always ready with new and innovative jewelry designs based on new trends and customer opinions. We pride ourselves in developing jewelry designs ranging in various categories and price points, thus keeping ourselves ready for all types
of customers


We are passionate for manufacturing jewelry.

Our manufacturing unit has a particular primary expertise in developing quality products at right price and at right time by indulging advanced technology.


We are a wholesale supplier.

Apart from order based manufacturing we also keep ready inventory of our best selling products for wholesale. This enables us to ship the products instantly to our customers. Being a wholsalers, our products fall in easy to buy price range and we sell multiple pieces in single designs.

What makes Lotus Different

Fair Pricing

Lotus's core objective is to deliver premium product at accessible price. We follow our objective wisely by taking the maximum advantage of our own in-house value chain, from diamond polishing to finished jewelry pieces. That has resulted in cost minimisation by eliminating the middlemen cost and designer labels. We believe in giving you directly from the source. We are the source; this helps us to produce fine jewelry at matchless price point.

Quick Delivery

The point of our differentiation is the short delivery time. In an era of intense competition, we have more options to satisfy customer's requirements on time because we have our vertical value chain in-house from diamond polishing to fine jewelry manufacturing.

Well Curated Jewelry

We have wide range of products nicely curated on basis of product category and price point with our in-house design team we are always ready with new and innovative design that our customers can choose from.

Ready Stock

Apart from order based manufacturing; we also have a huge inventory of ready to ship items. We constantly stock up our best-selling designs to ensure that we can quickly deliver it to our customers.