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Environmental CSR Initiatives

Planting dreams, one tree at a time, JK Star Group sows the seeds of change. With every sapling, we paint the sky with promise, nurturing nature to breathe anew. Together, we embrace a greener tomorrow, reducing carbon footprints, and fostering an atmosphere of renewal. With each tree we plant, JK Star Group’s love for the Earth grows stronger. Together, we’re making our world cleaner and brighter, one leaf at a time.

Spiritual Enlightenment Initiatives

Transforming hearts with the gift of wisdom, JK Star Charitable Trust spreads light through the donation of Geeta and other spiritual treasures. Each book is a beacon of hope, guiding souls towards inner peace and enlightenment. With every page turned, we ignite a journey of self-discovery and compassion. Together, let’s embrace the power of knowledge and nurture the spirit of humanity.

Food Relief Efforts

At JK Star Group, our hearts beat with compassion, especially during challenging times. Amidst the darkness of the pandemic, we stood as beacons of hope, providing nourishment to those most in need. Every meal shared is a testament to our unwavering commitment to serving humanity with kindness and care.

Empowering Healing at Hospital

With every heartbeat, JK Star extends its healing touch through patient support at hospitals, made possible by our compassionate donations. We stand by those in need, offering comfort and solace during challenging times. Together, let’s illuminate the path of hope and recovery, one caring gesture at a time.

Education-focused CSR Initiatives

JK Star Group’s CSR supports rural students by establishing libraries, providing scholarships, and implementing digital learning initiatives. We conduct teacher training workshops and invest in school infrastructure to create conducive learning environments. Our educational outreach programs promote awareness and parental involvement, fostering a culture of education. Together, we empower rural students to realize their potential and contribute to community development.

Join us in our CSR journey, planting trees for a sustainable future. Together, let's make a positive impact on the Future of Humanity.



We are committed to the country that prospered us. We dedicate ample time, effort and money to helping the destitute lot around.


Caring for the elderly, patients and orphaned kids have been one of our prime objectives. We have been extending optimal care to them.


Compassion is the most invaluable trait that can infuse joy and hope. Our compassionate activities are intended to bring a smile.


People might be in a financial crisis and may require a lump sum amount to meet urgent requirements.